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Complete residency Document Generation
& Renewal Documentation


Origen Services’ streamlined workflow will instantly populate pertinent applicant and property data into your property-specific residency package, allowing you to generate all necessary documents with ease. Whether you are looking to execute new or renewal lease package, our system has you covered.

Key Features

  • Uses your property-specific residency documents

  • Auto-populates applicant and property specific data into your package of residency documents, such as the property lease, guidelines, pet agreement, etc.

  • Flexible workflow allows for all types of residential relationships—including, rental home rental, lease to own, or home loan

  • Strict document version controls ensure that the currently-approved version of your residency documents are in use, allowing for accurate documents and consistency throughout the move-in process

  • On-site personnel can print client-approved residency package documents

  • Produce Renewal Lease Documents via robust ManageAmerica integration

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