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Custom-designed for manufactured housing community owners and operators, this full-service resident screening suite includes credit and criminal background checks, optional housing searches, and complete residency document generation, with information automatically filled in. E-Signature option is available via DocuSign integration, with completed residency documents stored online. Our system features are categorized into the following six groups.


Resident Application

Convert Prospects into Applicants & Increase Occupancy:

Our online workflow expedites the resident application process.

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Streamline Your Closings:

E-Signature (via DocuSign) results in quick, efficient closings

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Comprehensive Background & Consumer Reports

Simplify Your Screening:

Fully automated to deliver credit and background results

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Online Document Archiving

View Records Anytime, Anywhere:

Access resident records and documents 24/7 on our secure servers

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Complete Residency Document Generation & Renewal Documentation

Generate Documents with Ease:

Auto-populates applicant and property-specific data into your package of residency documents

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Resident Onboarding

Move In Your Resident:

Streamlined workflow allows you to efficiently manage the next stage in the resident life cycle.

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